The best athletic clothing brands in tennis

In conjunction with my column’s previous editorial, “The importance of ‘look good, feel good, play good” this week’s edition aims to focus on and suggest the best athletic wear brands out there in the world of athletics.

I’ve been an avid tennis player for the majority of my life and have had much exposure to sports. In the modern day era, any female tennis player would agree that tennis is somewhat as much as a fashion show as it is a competition, especially at tournaments. It’s easy to judge an athlete’s skill level off of what she is wearing. Growing up in that environment influenced my athletic wear opinions and thoughts, and admittedly still does. I love to follow trends that come and go regarding that. It’s also given me strong likes and dislikes for different styles and brands. Here are my favorites:


This probably comes as no surprise, as lululemon is undoubtedly one of the most prominent athletic wear brands out there and is loved by many. The vast options in a multitude of styles and fabrics the company offers are very appealing to me, and their clothing goes beyond the expectations of comfort and breathability. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted purchasing anything I own from lululemon, and the brand has never let me down or made me feel uncomfortable on the court. My favorite clothing items are probably the Hotty Hot shorts in 4, the Ebb to Street tank, and the Align High-Rise short in 4.


I only own a couple of items from this brand, both being from the 2022 girls tennis season, and both are easily some of my favorite tennis clothes in my collection. I own a Halara dress and skirt, and the material is impeccably buttery soft, breathable, and it fits exceedingly well. I loved wearing both items all of last season, and I’ve received numerous compliments on the Everyday Cloudful Activity Dress. After many months of usage, they have also shown no signs of wear and tear. In my opinion, this company’s clothing comes very close to the comfortability of lululemon.


Before I became a lululemon girl, I always wore Nike apparel on the court. Growing up, it was the choice of tennis clothing for me and for good reason. Most of the company’s clothing has lasted me ages and are extremely well-fitting and flattering. To me, Nike skirts are some of the best around, especially the NikeCourt Women’s Pleated Skirt and the Women’s Court Dri-Fit Victory skirt. I also love the brand’s dresses; the Nike high-neck dress worn for the girls 2019 tennis season will always be seen in my eyes as one of the prettiest tennis dresses out there.

Half of feeling good is looking good, and the rest takes care of itself.