The Chicago Bears: The new trash can of the NFL?

The Chicago Bears: The new trash can of the NFL?

When you think of football teams that performed poorly this past NFL season, you may think of a few teams almost immediately. Shockers such as the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams may come to mind along with many of the expected teams like the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts. Despite these teams having awful records this year, one team stands out from the rest as the worst team in the NFL: the Chicago Bears. 

The team that started off the preseason with three wins and a strong win against the NFC championship-bound San Francisco 49ers to kick off the regular season, the Chicago Bears would see the peak of their season very early on before a slow and depressing downfall that would be soon to come. The team had a record of only 3-14 and was truly disappointing to watch as a Bears fan. This team fell short of even a level of decency this year, so how did this happen?

Looking at some concerning statistics from the 2022 season, it is evident that the Bears may have slept walked out of hibernation onto Soldier Field. For example, during their January game against the Detroit Lions, Chicago’s defense was a sieve letting through three of Jared Goff’’s touchdowns along with two rushing touchdowns by their running backs and 265 rushing yards. This was the biggest loss to the Lions in Bears franchise history, but it didn’t stop there. The Bears offense only completed seven receptions that got them a weak 75 yards. Chicago’s quarterback, Justin Fields, only threw for 75 yards this game, and his offensive line gave up 45 yards alone from Fields being sacked not one, not two, but seven times. 

This game was just one example of the poor team execution and coaching, both which were embarrassing to watch as a loyal Chicago Bears fan. The big question though is why was this season such a trainwreck? First off, the Bear’s offensive line is a hot mess. They allowed 34 sacks this season which is completely unacceptable and just proves that not only are the running and passing games horrendous, but also the offensive setup in general. 

When looking at the defensive side, the Bears actually have a few strong suits they can work with. Their defense is fifth in the league in rush defense, only allowing 93.5 yards per game on average, making it difficult for the other team’s offense to get by with running tactics. Due to this stat, the Bears had a total of 622 pass plays against them, making them the number one team for passing attacks to take advantage of. The problem for the team though is its inability to create a pass rush. The offense of other teams too much time to find open receivers and get the ball moving without having to run the ball a yard. Having this as a weak point is a difficult reality for the Bears, for without this problem, opponents would have a much more difficult time getting into the red zone.

Based on the stats and how they stack up, it is safe to say the Chicago Bears are in no place to even make a playoff appearance any time soon, and the pack returns to the cave until next season. With the disappointment of now being known as the league’s newest version of the old Detroit Lions, it is understandable how the Detroit Lions now look really good and are being praised. The Chicago Bears have officially become the team to diss, and until they give us a reason not to and a season to be proud of, the franchise is doomed.