The voices behind the FHC hockey broadcasting team


Broadcasting is a big part of sports and is oftentimes overlooked. Broadcasting, whether it be televised or on the radio, is also a staple of every college and professional sporting event. To have a sporting event broadcast at the high school level is unheard of in many areas but not in Ranger Country.  The FHC hockey broadcasting team is as professional as it gets.

Forest Hills Central hockey was brought a very unique and helpful gift: a broadcasting team. The team consists of two students: junior Matthew Taylor and senior Peyton Price. Their broadcast is not only a way for our team’s ability to watch the post-game film, but also a way for the community to stay in-tune and listen to our games. So, how did all of this even come about?

“It’s the most entertaining sport, and we volunteered for the spot” Matthew said. “We went to Mr. Manders for the equipment to get started, and it went from there.”

After the broadcasting got up and going, it has not slowed down or failed to come through. At each home game, the duo is there and broadcasting and making a name for FHC and the FHC hockey team alike. 

“It shines a light on our teams at FHC,” Matthew said, “and it explores a new horizon on which other sports can venture on and take after us.”

The FHC hockey broadcasting team did not just start for the sake of starting. Price has aspirations of becoming a broadcaster for a career, and he was looking for opportunities to get more practice. “I love doing live broadcasts for the public, and it is my dream for the future. I’m trying to be Gus Johnson 2.0” Peyton said. “I dream of being a sports broadcaster professionally, so I took initiative to provide myself with more experience for a higher chance of success in my future.”

Not only does having live broadcasts benefit the FHC community as a whole, but it also helps the players on the team as well. Senior goalie Justin Baehr loves to re-watch the games, for it is a key piece to helping the hockey team evaluate and learn from mistakes so that they can improve. This is all made possible by the broadcasting team.

“I like to watch the games back in general because watching film and being able to see the game from a different angle is a huge part of growing as a player” Justin said. “With the broadcast though, it’s special to watch the game with commentary and being able to hear your name, and it really adds to the experience of watching the game.”

The on-site broadcast at Patterson Ice Center adds a very fun environment to an already fun sport. Not many schools can say they have this unique opportunity. Matthew and Peyton are a very positive addition to the FHC hockey world, and many people are excited to see where their broadcasting goes from here.