The aspect of sports that isn’t talked about nearly enough

The aspect of sports that isnt talked about nearly enough

In today’s world of sports, it doesn’t matter which you compete in whether it be football, basketball, soccer, etc. Each sport is extremely taxing on an athlete’s body. Because of this, it is extremely important to take care of your body during the season, especially after events. Some sports seasons can go on for four to five months, and in order to not wear out their bodies, athletes can not afford to take their bodies for granted.  Here at FHC, the training room is always buzzing with athletes icing, heating, and finding ways to make sure that their bodies are in tip-top shape. Rarely is there ever an event where an athlete leaves feeling one hundred percent, which is why post-game recovery is just as important as honing your skills.

Nate Delaney, a senior basketball player at FHC claims that “Post-game recovery is key for you to be back to your best performance and ability to play at your highest level each game.”

Whether you are an athlete or not, you know that it is very difficult to perform at the highest level possible if you are injured or even feeling sore. When a team is inhibited due to its players’ injuries, it lowers morale and can cause the team to go into slumps. That is why Ranger athletics put a huge emphasis on post-game care. Let’s take a look at what measures some of Forest Hills Central’s athletes take to recover after sporting events.

Sarah Dunn, a participant in both volleyball and basketball revealed the following: “After a game, I will come home and ice anything that is sore and also roll out if I feel like I need to.”

Sarah agrees that it is crucial for athletes to take care of their bodies, and she takes measures to prevent herself from feeling run down. Dual-sport athletes like Sarah rarely have any off time, which means post-game recovery is even more important for them.

In some cases, if postseason recovery is not taken seriously, it can cause injuries. While interviewing Drew Fortino, a junior football player on the Ranger’s state runner-up team admitted, “I ended up getting a stress fracture in my leg because I didn’t take care of my body.”

For Drew, it took becoming injured for him to realize the importance of post-game recovery. Looking back, he realizes that recovery is an essential aspect of the world of sports.

Fortunately for Ranger athletes, we have two of the best trainers [CJ Strawser and Alex Coon] working hard to make sure that all athletes can perform to the best of their abilities every time they get into the pool or step foot onto the court, field, ice, track and alley.