Are college sports worth it?

Are college sports worth it?

For many high school athletes, the thought of playing at a collegiate level is something that takes talent, skill, and passion. The typical high school athlete simply isn’t skilled or dedicated enough to play in college, and if you are, you’d know it takes a lot to get there. At any division, devoting your college years to your sport is a huge commitment– but is it worth it?

I’ve been playing tennis since I was five-years-old. I always had college tennis as the end goal in my eyes growing up, more specifically playing at the University of Michigan. I loved playing tennis, and I still do. After entering high school, I’ve been amassing a multitude of accomplishments, such as all-conference multiple years and becoming all-state. You would think I’d be on the track of college athletics, but actually, I don’t plan to play in college anymore.

As I went through high school and undertook school related stress, I began to realize the huge sacrifice that is college athletics. It wouldn’t just be practicing when you want and working out here and there, which is somewhat similar to my training routine now. It would be rigorous, difficult, and time-consuming. I’d be under a greater amount of stress, both mentally and physically, and I wouldn’t have as much time for other activities. I have always done better when I’ve adhered to my own routine which is centered around what I felt I needed and wanted. This would certainly change with college athletics.

I also began to foster a passion for environmental law and change in that regard. My heart is set upon chasing that as a career, and I feel I need to devote as much time as I can following that dream in my college years and beyond. I wasn’t sure collegiate tennis would help me achieve that—in all actuality, it would probably just hinder my progress.

Additionally, stopping my tennis career after high school motivates me to make my remaining seasons the best they can possibly be. Overall, I feel that for me, college tennis and the stress it would bring isn’t worth it in the long run.

But that all comes from someone who has her heart set on a career already and values it over her sport. I know not everyone is like that, and for some, the thought of stopping their sport after high school is indreclous. As most of us don’t have what it takes to go professional, some athletes want to keep playing for as long as they can—as after college you’ll never be able to compete in your sport like that again.

With that said, I know of many high school athletes that have a burning passion for their sport and are simply infatuated with it. And for them, not playing college sports isn’t an option. Both opinions are equally understandable and a fair argument can be made for both; however, for me, the answer surrounding college sports is a no.