The Lions are good now?

The Lions are good now?

So, I am just going to be straightforward and honest here; is no one going to talk about the Lions? Is this really the team that went from only having one win on the season to somehow rushing past the Packers and Bears and going up to second place in the NFC North? I speak for most of us when I say that the Lions probably weren’t expecting these wins, and I think this could be their best season yet.

The Detroit Lions have been waiting for their “it” season for years. Without a single Super Bowl appearance, the Lions have never had their day in the sun. Although there are three other teams that haven’t shown their faces in the big game, being the only team in the NFC North that is filled with mid-tier teams makes them look even worse. In all honesty, if your team was put in a division with the Packers, Vikings, and Bears and was still below them, why would you even try anymore? However, this season has proven to be different.

What we have failed to see after sending a quarterback to an eventual Super Bowl-winning team is that just like the Rams having a shot, now so do the Lions. A big strength this season that has set the pride apart from its competition is the fact that the team has a stellar defense. Since the team has added Aidan Hutchinson and Josh Paschal and mixed the duo with Charles Harris and Romeo Okwara, the defense has blossomed to heights the team hasn’t been able to reach in years. Considering the Lions hadn’t won more than three games in the past three seasons, this defense is a key reason the team is currently at a record of 4-6. 

Looking at these facts, you also have to look at what the team has been through. Years of slander and let downs that fans have piled up going into this season, the expectations for the team were at the lowest they have probably ever been. As someone who isn’t a Lions fan, it is easy to see where the slander has come from as many look at the team as the trashcan of the NFL, But this season I at least have had a change of heart. The Lions might not be my team, but after a collection of its past few games and weekly improvements across the season, I have found a newfound respect for the team. Although the team is far from perfect, it has improved more this season than Aaron Rodgers has in past ten years. 

With a growing roster with talent that has caught up with the league, the Lions are no doubt a team to watch out for as the 2022 season continues, and it is only a matter of time until the organization makes its first appearance in the Super Bowl. To the Detroit Lions, we are proud.