FHC collects a regional championship win against East Lansing


On a crisp November Friday, only the final eight teams remained in the division two MHSAA playoffs. After all, was said and done,  FHC came out of their game victorious and now will fight for a spot in the state finals.

Last night, the Rangers took on the East Lansing Trojans at home in a game that tested every ounce of strength the Rangers had. The first quarter saw many ups and down with both sides pushing back at each other. Not a single play went down without a fight, and it was evident in the score. Both teams faced setbacks with injured players and many flags pulled, but that didn’t stop them from giving the first half everything they had. With key plays by juniors Ty Hudkins and Mason McDonalds for the Rangers, FHC was able to put a few touchdowns on the board before the half to secure a stable lead. The Rangers went into halftime with a 14-3 lead over the Trojans, but the fun wouldn’t just stop there.

When asked how he felt going into halftime with a safe lead, senior Crandall Quinn stated, “It feels great. The team gave it all they could and it showed.”

The second half brought many emotions to both teams as the clock ticked down to its final moments. With a close game of cat-and-mouse score chasing and strong defensive play, the win was a well-deserved one at the end of the fourth quarter. When only five seconds remained on the clock, East Lansing’s quarterback threw what would have been one heck of a touchdown, but when that ball landed squarely in Ty Hudkins’s hands in the end zone, not only did the players go wild, but the whole stadium erupted in cheers. FHC had not only intercepted the ball, but the boys had ended the game with a four-point lead over the Trojans. The final score in Ranger Country was 21-17, and the community couldn’t be happier. 

This win means FHC is now at 12-0 for the season on paper, but it also means so much more to the players who have been working day and night to get to where they are now. 

“This win feels good,” senior captain Raymond Cargill remarked. “It’s starting to feel like all the hard work over the years since I was a freshman is starting to pay off. It’s an all-or-nothing mindset from here on out. We have a special team this year and I think this team has the potential to go down in history for FHC.”

The team will now face the Dexter Dreadnaughts next week Friday, November 18, at 7 PM, at a neutral site for both teams. This will be the Ranger’s most important game yet; a win against Dexter would be the golden ticket they need to get to Ford Field. 

“It’s going to be our toughest opponent yet,” Sam Sneider said. “We will really have to focus and work hard at practice this week in order to be as prepared as possible.”