The Packers: What is going on?

When you think about monumental NFL games recently, most people have the Lions vs. the Packers game come to mind. Marking the second Lions win of the season, the Packers left us all stunned and wondering what the heck is going on in Wisconsin. 

The outcome of the game left the Packers with the team’s fifth straight loss. Not only is this concerning considering the team had a 3-1 record prior to the losing streak, but also when you look at the points accumulated each game, it looks even worse. So far this season, the Packers have lost to the Lions, Bills, Giants, Commanders, and Jets. Although this list does include some teams that have better records than Green Bay and that some of these losses were close, knowing that they couldn’t execute both on offense and defense leaves many questioning where is the talent when it is supposed to be on the field.

This losing streak has many possibilities that could  explain why this is occuring: injuries to players, lack of weapons on offense, a defense that is underachieving. However, one of the biggest factors in my opinion is Aaron Rodgers is not mentally in the game. During the game against the Lions, Rodgers threw three interceptions with two being in or near the end zone. With big mistakes like that being made by an experienced quarterback, you really start to wonder why he isn’t focused. I personally believe that a mix of life as a whole and pressure to perform a certain way might finally be getting to Aaron. After years of trying to pull out last-second wins and numerous battles to make it to and thrive in the playoffs, the stress might be getting to him. In this season alone, he has thrown seven interceptions, and as stated above about half of those were thrown in one game alone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the old man is finally reaching his breaking point after all this time. 

On the topic of Rodgers possibly being past his prime, Aaron re-signed with the Packers back in May, and he still claims he doesn’t regret this decision. I personally believe that he should have reconsidered a bit more before committing to playing football for another few seasons. At age 38, he is reaching the age that you really start to wonder why you are still on the field unless you are someone with a high skill level that allows him to stay on top of his game. After playing for so long, not only do you risk physical injury but also the mental drain. To remain in perfect health both physically and mentally is something that not many can do and Rodgers is demonstrating that each Sunday. 

In fairness to Rodgers, the Packers are lacking some offensive help that they are relying on him for. Although the team as a whole isn’t awful, with an offense that isn’t firing on all cylinders and a quarterback who is throwing to the other team, the Packers just aren’t what they used to be. Going into week 10 of the regular season schedule, the road to the playoffs doesn’t get any easier with a game versus Dallas is lurking. It will be a sight to see how the team rallies and responds after last week as the season dwindles. For now, it is bleak for Green Bay fans that dreamed of putting a second Super Bowl ring on Aaron’s finger.