How rigged are the first Collage Football Playoff rankings?


Michigan football so far this year has been so underrated and looked down upon, and this is the norm for most teams that don’t play in the SEC. The Wolverines have accepted this fact, but they have also put their heads down and just have been grinding at the block.

Just look at the AP top 25; there are seven SEC teams just sitting pretty in their spots. This has been the issue for many years. The AP and CFP committees just don’t favor any other teams, and because of this almost every season there are at least two SEC teams in the final four. This needs to change.

Michigan has won their games in convincing fashion this year and sit at 8-0. Luckily, the team is just now getting recognized for its work; however, the CFP doesn’t think so. Yet again, there are two SEC teams in the CFP’s first rankings: Tennessee at #1 (majorly overrated, beating a down Alabama team doesn’t mean anything), and a #3 Georgia (almost losing to Missouri). The rest of the top four round out with #2 Ohio State (an explosive team and deserving of a higher spot in the playoffs), and #4 Clemson (very, very, very overrated and has beaten one team of significance in another overrated team of Syracuse).

I write because I want to blow off some steam! These rankings are just another example of the regular stigma of any other team that is not from the SEC. This is something that needs to change. I’m not saying that Michigan is the best team in the country because they’re definitely not. What I’m really saying is that the favoring of the SEC, and even of the ACC, is unacceptable. I really don’t want to say this as a true die hard Michigan fan, but Ohio State is a powerhouse this year. They are extremely good, and when the Wolverines play them on November 26, I am very nervous. 

If I could choose, these would be my CFP rankings: #1 Ohio State, #2 Georgia, #3 Tennessee, and #4 Michigan.

As the season rolls on and big match-ups happen, the rankings for the CFP will change. Here are a few big time matchups this weekend that will potentially mix up the playoff picture. Georgia plays Tennessee this weekend, and this will shake up rankings for sure. If Tennessee wins, I agree that’s first place worthy; this will then open up at least one spot for Michigan. If Georgia loses,  the team needs to fall out of the top four. In the game that matches #6 Alabama versus #10 LSU, if Alabama loses another game, I believe this team’s chances for the playoffs are done. In the final game with major implications, Notre Dame takes on #4 Clemson. If Clemson loses, Michigan will be in the CFP’s top four if the Wolverines can beat Rutgers on Saturday night. However, if Clemson wins, the Tigers could remain at #4 or possibly jump to #3. 

All of this saying, I think that the CFP is biased beyond belief. The SEC has, every year, some good teams. However, every year they seem to sneak in multiple teams. It’s getting old, and it needs to stop!