The FHC student section adds something new to excite the student body


In August of 2022, as the school year got underway and students began to flock back to FHC, the student section leaders got together to brainstorm ideas to make the 2022-23 sports seasons even better than the previous year. They wanted to make sure that the student body was excited to attend sporting events and that our FHC Ranger teams felt the support they deserved. In order to do this, they came up with a new idea. Each week, based on the sporting events, the section leaders would announce both the fan of the week and the outfit of the week through the FHC Sports Report Instagram account.

By announcing fan and “fit” of the week, the student section leaders hoped to give an added push for students to not only attend sporting events but also participate in the themes and cheer for the team. Fan of the week would be awarded to the fan that cheered the loudest and seemed to participate the most in supporting the team that week. “Fit” of the week would be awarded to the student who dressed the best in accordance to the theme, or better known as the “out”, that week.

Frankie Sutton, a student section leader, said that the intentions behind adding this to the student section were to “help encourage students to get out to more athletic events and to dress up with something other than a sweatshirt and sweatpants so that our student section will look better as a whole.”

It is safe to say that is exactly what this has done, and although winning one of these two titles for the week does not normally win you a trophy, it is still a fun way to have a little bit of friendly competition and show some Ranger spirit. However, last week, during the costume out vs Reeths-Puffer, the winner of the costume out was awarded twenty dollars.  As an added bonus, winners for the week get a shoutout on the FHC Sports Report Instagram account.

Billy Musgraves, a sophomore who has won both fan and “fit” of the week this fall, says that not only did winning feel very rewarding, but he also told me that he believes “fan and outfit of the week brings our student section closer together because everyone wants to be featured for that week.”

Hearing this must make the student section leaders feel good, as this was their exact goal in coming up with the idea. So far, the student body seems to love it, and each week much thought goes into what each individual will wear. It is obvious that students are making an extra effort to support the Rangers this year, which is good for our sports teams and also for our community as a whole.

According to Dailey Tucker, another student section leader, fan and “fit” of the week is here to stay, and it “will be kept in the future because it’s a great opportunity to get everyone involved and try harder to be loud and extremely involved in the student section.”