Boys JV tennis’ stellar season comes to an end


The conclusion of any great sports season is undoubtedly a sad and bittersweet time; we say farewell to numerous seniors, with warm memories, and special bonds created within the essence of a team. It is a ritual that comes no matter how much we dread it, as oftentimes being on a team whilst improving and growing together is something every athlete cherishes. That teamwork and success was especially emulated in the boys JV tennis team, and it showed well throughout their illustrious season.

Since the beginning of August, the team was hard at work attempting to perfect shot-making skills and match tactics. Grueling practices starting well before their first match and throughout the season prepped them for head-to-head against rival schools around West Michigan, one example being their very first tournament on August 16th. Kicking off their season at the Jenison Quad, the boys beat out both Thornapple Kellogg and Forest Hills Eastern; and the very next day they swept East Kentwood 5-0. These two spectacular performances set the tone for the next number of weeks.

Following the start of the school year, the team then came neck and neck with two seasoned and skilled schools: Byron Center and Grandville. They were able to hold off losses from both teams, effectively keeping their record satisfactory and building up experience for the matches yet to come. The trend of not falling to their opponents only ramped up in the early weeks of September, as the boys then triumphed over a multitude of local foes, such as East Grand Rapids, South Christian, and Northview. Success reigned high amongst the team and proved to never lessen as the season continued.

As they approached the remnants of the regular season, the Rangers did not slow in collecting victories. Another exceptional appearance was made at the Grandville Tri, with the score being 7-3. Later on, the boys did fall to Forest Hills Northern 5-10, although long and tedious matches took place. Upon meeting GRC the boys emerged with the win 6-2 to finish up what was undoubtedly an amazing couple months for the team.

Overall, the boys wrapped up the 2022 season with an excellent 9-3-2 record. Such achievements can only leave some wondering what the future must look like for this talented team.

“I think the team has a solid chance of being even better next year than this year. There are a few new freshmen coming in who will be a great fit for the team, and we also have many players working hard during the off-season in order to improve more for next year,” notes sophomore Sawyer Jordan.

The future is surely bright for boys JV tennis at FHC. The boys have been known for having outstanding seasons, ending the 2021 season with a 10-5-1 record, and finishing this year’s season with a 9-3-2 record. These impressive numbers have outshined those of local foes and were created by hard work, practice, and dedication.

Throughout the entirety of the past couple of months, the boys have built a shining reputation for their sport, and that trend will surely continue to bless the future years for boys JV tennis. The storied success and glory they have brought to FHC in 2021 and this season couldn’t have been achieved without the commitment and teamwork that reigned evident in their matches. Coach Mitch Timyan remained a grounding and encouraging force for the team that aided in lifting them to various victories, and a special thanks must be extended to him for his commitment to and passion for coaching the team this past season.

Now, the 2022 boys JV tennis season will become a treasured memory for the players, parents, and students. However, the achievements gained during the fall season will forever remain tangible and preeminent in our heads and hearts.

I loved watching the boys’ matches, and this team will always hold a special place in my heart as the first sport I have ever covered. Thank you to all the players I have asked for quotes, and good luck next season!