FHC’s favorite NFL teams

Across the nation, people from all walks of life join together to cheer on their favorite sports teams with pride and honor, and FHC is no exception. The NFL may only have one team here in Michigan, but the students here at FHC like to branch out when it comes to their favorite teams come Sunday. 

Even though the Detroit Lions don’t have the best track record, most people that live in this area are proud Lions fans who grew up cheering for them through every win and loss. 

“My favorite team by far is the Detroit Lions,” senior Logan Minard said. “I grew up watching them, and every off-season they give us hope just to be bad.”

It isn’t just the hardcore fans that call the Lions their home team. Some people change teams and bandwagon as they move to different places, or some even just adopt teams to skip the hassle. Either way, there is no doubt that where you are from impacts your preference. 

“My favorite team would probably be the [Detroit] Lions,” junior Jonas VanderWoude said. “I am not really a football fan, but the Lions are Michigan’s team, and I am not a bandwagon fan, so even though they are not good, I still root for them.”

Not everyone here is a Lions fan though. Many people come here as fans of other teams and remain loyal and therefore maintain their previous allegiance. 

“My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because I was born in Tampa and will continue to be a fan through highs and lows,” Kyle Thomas said.  

There are also the fans here at FHC that absolutely detest their home teams, so they have chosen other teams out of spite

“I’m a Packers fan, but not necessarily cause I like the team,” senior Ellie McDowell said. “Or at least it didn’t start like that. I became a Packers fan because my dad was a Lions fan, and I thought it was fun to pick one of his rival teams.”

No matter the team you like or the reason you like it, it is normal for people to have their own favorite team for their own reasons. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences, so as long as we respect them and let it be, we will all be able to enjoy our teams, traditions, and our love for football together at the end of a long week. At the end of the day, no matter the competition at stake, it’s just a game for all to enjoy.