The end of an era: sophomore football players move on


The combined JV football team finished its season with an impressive 8-1 record and an OK White Conference title. For the sophomore players on the team, an end of an era has come: the end of underclassmen football. 

At FHC, football is coveted, and our underclassmen strive to be part of the bigger picture. That bigger picture can be seen under the lights on Friday nights or just the entire experience of a higher level of competition. Our JV players know that the varsity level is a huge commitment, and it takes a high amount of work, but they are ready for the challenge.

I mean it’s cool. We now have all the coaches on the sideline and the press box. If you need help, a coach will be able to help you. Also, as a varsity player, you can experience the heightened competition and a larger program feel,” says sophomore J.T Zawacki.

While graduating from a JV sports and knowing that you will soon be a varsity athlete can be exciting, some sophomores like Orion Roskam are not totally stoked.

“The competition will be great, but it’s more than that. We won’t get the same one-on-one time as we do at the JV level.”

The JV team had a great season this year showing and proving that the players have what it takes to be successful on the varsity level. From Orion Roskam, a built lineman, to Brenden Cargill, a very agile and speedy wide receiver, the talent in this class of sophomores is outstanding. Lets not forget some of the very talented freshman that will be very big for the football program in the near future. Nick Williams is an up and coming QB for the Rangers, and although he is a freshman, he has so much to give when it comes to the passing game. 

For sophomore Jack Anderson, becoming a varsity football player revolves a lot around our passionate fan base. “It feels great that we can be part of a bigger family/program and everyone in the student section is rooting us on. We didn’t get that on JV.” It just goes to show that the most coveted experiences are those that happen under the lights on a crisp Friday night.

Our sophomore football players are already ecstatic to take that next step and become something more. Just like the many JV players that have come before them, they are now the next in line to embrace the deep passion shared by players and fans alike: FHC varsity football.