The NFL’s trash can: Green Bay Packers edition

The NFLs trash can: Green Bay Packers edition

The NFL has thirty-two teams with millions of followers around the United States and the world, but I could bet you ninety-nine percent of those fans have one thing in common: their hate for the Green Bay Packers.

There are multiple reasons for this hate to sprout, and rightfully so. To start off, Lambeau Field is extremely awful. The stadium is very hard on the eyes, and although it was considered a gem years ago, those “holy grounds” need a complete remodeling. I for one would not be proud of this stadium being my team’s home. 

Another big problem with the Packers is their love for their former quarterback Brett Favre and their current one Aaron Rodgers. Let me begin by saying just because both quarterbacks have a Super Bowl win under their belts doesn’t mean they are gods. Since the Packers franchise was started, they won the Super Bowl the first two years it was even around, but since then have only won two. That’s not a crazy stat to brag about. If these quarterbacks were so good, why don’t they have stats such as Tom Brady with seven wins and even Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw with four each? One is hardly anything to brag about, especially when it’s talking about a quarterback who already has an arm and a leg in the grave. 

Next, I would like to talk about the team’s chant that doesn’t even say the team’s full name and kind of sounds like it was stolen from the Chicago Cubs out of desperation. “Go Pack, Go” is hardly a phrase to be proud of and sounds a lot like something you would say in my five-year-old- cousin’s morning TV shows when they are trying to track down the bad guy. 

Just to top it off with a cherry, who decided that the Packers should be connected to cheeseheads? I know Wisconsin is known for cheese, but there is absolutely no connection between the team’s mascot being the Packers, and people walking around with giant crusty pieces of yellow foam on their heads. Don’t get me wrong yellow is a great color, but what the crap Ralph Bruno; you could have spared your mom’s couch and our eyes by skipping this spontaneous action.

Whether you are a Lions fan or a die-hard Cowboys fan for life, there is no doubt that the team in the NFL that gets deserved hate will always be the Green Bay Packers. The franchise might have been something fifty years ago, but you can’t just hold onto the glory days with an old guy that has a ponytail. I am sorry Wisconsin, but you will get them next time; that is, if we give you a chance to redeem yourself after this disaster of a team.