Meet your 2022 student section leaders


Student sections at Forest Hills Central are famous for being the rowdiest and loudest crowds in the area. Students across all grades come together to support the Ranger cause, whether it be at football, basketball, or hockey games. The pride of being a Ranger reverberates from each student during these times, and being in the front rows is a thrilling experience. But there is a special honor that allows you to not only be in the front lines but also create cheers, rally the crowd, and more. That privilege is being a student section leader.

Every year at FHC, upcoming seniors get the chance to hold this coveted position. The job is filled with excitement and fun, and anticipation reigns high every year to see who will be the new leaders. Only four seniors are selected, and that makes being chosen even more special. Graham Bennett, one of the 2022 student section leaders, notes, “It was a pretty great feeling being chosen for student section leader. Football games have been one of my favorite parts of high school and I really enjoy cheering on my classmates. Being one of the leaders and having a responsibility of making sure we’re loud for our teams and giving them a benefit is something I really enjoy.”

Undoubtedly, being a student section leader is something to take pride in, as you are in charge of Forest Hills Central representation at athletic events. Making sure the student section always has high energy whilst not overstepping boundaries is a great responsibility. “There is a lot of responsibility of being a student section leader, like leading your school with cheers, showing up to every game, and making sure everyone is being loud. Including ensuring we have a good reputation and no one is throwing stuff,” continues Anthony Ott, another leader.

Traditions are an integral part of FHC, and this is highlighted in the selection of student section leaders. Being a leader is an exhilarating experience, so as expected, the desire for these spots is intense. However, the tradition is as goes, the current student section leaders will pick next year’s leaders. That means not everyone will get a shot at this position, which adds value to being chosen to fill this job. The selection process being purely governed by students is unique to FHC, and it brings in student involvement. That raises the question: Who will be chosen for next year, and what qualities do you need to become one?

“I am currently undecided with who I will be choosing to fill my role for next year. I am looking for someone who is as passionate about the job as me. I feel like in past years people were chosen because they were friends with the previous leader but I truly want someone who I believe will continue our traditions as well as possible,” answers Frankie Sutton, an additional student section leader.

She adds, “The process of selection is pretty simple; there are two male and two female leaders and as a team we will pass it down to two more boys and two more girls. We give the roles to who we think will keep our spirit alive while making sure we are still respectful. Next year’s leaders will be announced in the senior edition segment of the yearbook at the end of the year.”

Along with the responsibilities of continuing traditions and keeping a good image around the student section, there is a lot of fun and gratifying experiences that come along with having this role. Being such an important part of Ranger representation brings great memories for the leaders, and they couldn’t love it more.

“So far, I love being a student section leader. I love having a big crowd at games to cheer for our classmates. Everyone is always loud and the environment is a super exciting place to be. As an athlete myself, having a big crowd at games makes it a lot more fun, so to be able to bring that to all sports is something I love and enjoy doing. Being in charge of starting chants and picking out themes is something I love doing as well. Being a leader is such a fun opportunity I was able to get passed down to me and I love working with Frankie, Anthony and Graham to make sure that everyone is having fun and supporting their classmates,” states Dailey Tucker, the fourth student section leader.

The four leaders have been hard at work guiding student turnout for various sporting events this year. They help to keep the Ranger spirit alive through their roles, and that will continue for years to come as they lead the best student section in the region.