Varsity football sweeps the Red Arrows off the field moving to a 6-0 season record


Week five has come and gone in Ranger Country and like any fall Friday, football was in full swing come seven o’clock. This week FHC took on Lowell in a traditionally heated rivalry game that was neck and neck until the clock’s timer hit zero. 

The Red Arrows traveled to Ranger turf for a game that was almost as anticipated as the FHC vs FHN game. Lowell has been making strong showings this year, and this game proved to keep that trend true. In the first quarter after a failed first down attempt by the Rangers, the Red Arrows wasted no time getting to work putting points on the board; four minutes into the game Lowell would go to score the first touchdown of the game breaking the FHC tradition this season. The score would sit at 7-0 Lowell until the five-minute mark in the quarter when junior Ty Hudkins got the ball off of a clean throw by senior Justin Osterhouse putting the Rangers in scoring position. Seconds later, FHC claps back at Lowell with a touchdown going into the second quarter. The score at the end of the first quarter was 7-7 where it would end up sitting for a while.

The second quarter meant the Rangers needed to get their act together; although the quarter started off slower than the first, both teams played hot potato going in between possessions without a score. This would be the case all quarter with no more scoring on either side before halftime. 

Reflecting back on the first half that caught the Rangers by surprise, the boys had time to sit and think about what they were going to do once they got back onto the field. 

“I think we started off slow and we took the other team for granted,” senior Sam Sneider recalled. “But, coming out of half I think we really picked up the pace. Our defense and offense both played really well and we were able to come out with a close win.” 

The third quarter started with a Lowell injury and a flag on the play but soon would take a turn of events for FHC. In typical fashion, Hudkins secured the ball and lead the Rangers right into scoring position for what would be the last points scored of the game. The Rangers got the touchdown and moved the score to 14-7 where it stayed until the clock drained in the fourth. 

This win not only means the Rangers are 6-0 this season, but it also means that going into week six they are undefeated in the conference as well. With the next game being away at Greenville on Friday, October 7, at 7 PM, FHC is ready to put another win on the board and go 7-0 in season play. 

“We’re not quite in playoff mode yet and have a lot to work on. We had a lot of good stops on defense and we were able to come up with it. We need to get players healthy coming into these last 3 weeks,” team captain Raymond Cargill said.