Powderpuff rivalry: a Forest Hills Central Homecoming tradition


Homecoming traditions have always been an important aspect of Forest Hills Central High School, and one of these traditions is the FHC Powderpuff game. The powderpuff game (a game of flag football) has been a major tradition between the juniors and the seniors for years. The game tends to lead to a major rivalry between the two classes.

The tradition is usually at the beginning of the week. It brings many different girls of both the junior and senior classes together to kick off the homecoming week with a game of flag football. These girls would not normally band together, but this event aids in building relationships between them. The game consists of many players from the junior and senior classes, along with five coaches for each team, from the FHC varsity football team. The style of the game is nine vs. nine players, and they play American Football. However, they aren’t allowed to tackle, so rather than tackling each other, they have to rip a flag that is attached to them at the hip off of the player in order to stop the play.

Throughout the recent history of the game, seniors have tallied relentless victories against the juniors over the last six years, except in 2020, which was due to a cancellation because of COVID-19. With the past wins, many seniors from the class of 2023 are determined to win and continue the legacy of a victory over juniors. Not only do they want the win, but they also want the experience and friendships that come along with it.

“I am looking forward to a clean win against the juniors,” said senior Serena Thiede, “alongside my friends and our coaches, because it really is one of the best senior experiences.”

Even though the seniors are bound and determined to defeat the juniors in this year’s game, the juniors’ attitudes aren’t any less motivated. Many of the girls on the junior team are going into this game never having played football, but nonetheless, they are craving this win. If you don’t take into account the competition, many of the girls are also looking forward to bonding with classmates and maybe even gaining new friendships.

“I am looking forward to the bonds I will create,” junior TZ Cumbo-Nacheli said. “It will give me an opportunity to connect with girls and the coaches.”

Not only is the game exciting for the players and the coaches but for the viewers and fans as well. Many people love to watch the game because of the competitive nature between the two teams. Many students also show up to support their fellow classmates and cheer them on in hopes of a win for their class. It is also exciting for viewers because they can support players who usually don’t do an activity like this; for example, a person who is not normally involved in sports or extracurricular activities.

“The game is really fun to watch,” senior Riley Koehler said. “You get to see all of your classmates that you wouldn’t normally see playing a sport like football all on the field.”

The girls powderpuff game has been and will remain an important event to Forest Hills Central Homecoming and FHC’s Homecoming traditions. It not only unites the players and coaches in the two classes, but it unites the class as a whole. It ignites the flame of competition at the beginning of the week that will be carried on throughout the week of homecoming activities and ends with the homecoming game and dance over the weekend.

“It is tradition,” TZ said. “It gets everyone hyped up for the real game on Friday night, and it gives everyone a chance to have fun watching the girls play—especially the boys football team.”

This year, the FHC Powderpuff game will take place on Monday, October 10 at 6:30 p.m., and it is something you won’t want to miss!