Girls golf takes 4th at the Ernie Popiel Invitational


Peyton Price, Staff & Podcast Manager

During a cold and rainy Monday morning, the lady Rangers golfed at Quail Ridge for FHN’s Ernie Popiel Invitational. It was a struggle for all teams, except South Christian, who took the gold. After them, it was a battle of the hills for the second-place spot. Unfortunately, FHN took the high ground, leaving FHE and FHC under them. FHC was only one stroke behind FHE, which ended at 358 strokes.

Skyler Tierney was the only FHC name on the top ten leaderboards, taking seventh place individually. The scores fell off from there, but the rest of the girls scored very similarly. Once again, the weather proved to be the strongest opponent of the team, being cold, wet, and rainy. As we’ve reached the true fall season, temperatures will continue to drop, so the girls will have to adjust and figure out how to play through these conditions.

“Today definitely gave us some challenges,” Junior captain Maya Fitzgerald explained. “However, we will continue to practice, improve, and make it all the way to the end!”

Maya and her teammates have great attitudes and know what they need to do to prepare themselves for a great upcoming round.

The lady Rangers are playing again on Wednesday, September 28, 4at Boulder Creek, against multiple opponents. Make sure to check back in for their placement.