Varsity footballs stays undefeated after a blow out win against Northview

The air cools as the leaves fall, another week passes in Ranger country, and the varsity football team is ready to take on their next victim. On Friday, September 23, the Rangers traveled to Northview for the Wildcat’s Homecoming game to walk off the field with an undefeated record.

“I think it went great. It’s always tough to go into a hostile environment on big community days. Last time it was Byron Center Community Day, this time Northview Homecoming,” sophomore Max Richardson quoted. 

With a perfect record, standing for the 2022 season, the Rangers knew that beating Northview would get them yet another step closer to the playoff run they had been working for. The first quarter started like any other in typical Ranger fashion when junior Ty Hudkins started the game with a touchdown five minutes into the game, proving to the Wildcats that they were up for a challenge. Moments later, after Northview received the kick return, senior Raymond Cargill got the fumble and put the ball right back into FHC’s possession, wasting no time at all; Ty, yet again bumped the Ranger score up to 14 to 0. 

The tables continued to turn until the Wildcats fired back and got three points off of a field goal attempt, bringing the score to 14-3 with about six minutes left in the half. Although this was a setback for FHC, the Ranger offense got to work, advancing the score, and with two minutes left in the half, scored another touchdown and got the extra point thanks to senior Andrew Novay’s kick. At the end of the half, the score sat at 24-3 with three touchdowns and a field goal, but it would only grow as time passed. 

Halftime means reflecting on how the game is going, and just like any other game, the Rangers felt good about where they were as long as they kept up their pace. 

”I think we really executed our plays and forced big turnovers that led to scores,” sophomore Max Richardson said. “It always helps when your offensive line dominates up front because it opens up the secondary to big plays, like Ty Hudkins’ three touchdowns.”

The second half started, and the crowd was ready as ever to keep the game going. The half started out slow with minimal ball movement for the first nine minutes of the quarter until senior Justin Osterhouse drove the ball right into the end zone advancing the score to 31-3. Before the third was over, though, the Rangers would score once more, putting the final game score at 38-3.

The final score was 38-3, and the win symbolized the hard work the Rangers had been putting in to get to that point, along with just a strong rivalry game showing. Although FHC didn’t score any more for the rest of the game, this win was huge for the Rangers and showed that they keep their cool when they have the lead and will always keep their head in the game. 

Friday night lights will return next week on Friday, September 30, at home at 7 p.m. against the Lowell Red Arrows. 

“I think the game went well,” senior Sam Sneider recalled. “We went into a hostile environment, and everyone performed the way they needed to. Both offense and defense made big plays to keep putting up points.”