Forest Hills girls varsity field hockey take a sad loss against Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard 3-1


Winning isn’t everything in sports, and the Forest Hills girls varsity field hockey team has shown that perfectly. On Wednesday, September 22, the girls lost to Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard 3-1, leaving their record 7-3-0. Even though they lost, they made sure to give them a run for their money.

Going into the game, the girls had no idea what to expect. They had never played this team, but they knew that they would have to leave everything on the field.

Maggie Schimeck, junior at FHC, stated, “We’d never heard of them before, so we were ready to take on a new opponent.”

The girls were more ready than ever to play in the first quarter. They went in with lots of fire; however, Ann Arbor Father Gabrial Richard made the first goal. This didn’t stop them from still playing with much passion.

As the first quarter progressed and soon turned into the second quarter, the girls’ energy increased, leading to Maddie Shaner, junior at West Michigan Aviation Academy, scoring a goal to tie the girls up 1-1. After this goal, the determination and the motivation to get to the next goal increased; however, they sadly weren’t able to gain another goal for the game.

After another goal made by Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard in the second quarter, the girls made sure to lift each other up going into the third quarter. “At some points, we got down on ourselves,” Maggie said. “But then it got better after some cheering on from teammates.”

Although Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard was able to gain another goal in the third quarter, the girls played with everything they had and made sure to make the win for Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard hard to gain.

With this loss, the girls are more motivated than ever to go into their next game against Brighton and come out with a win. They will play an away game, on Tuesday, September 27, at 7:30 p.m.

“We are coming off of a loss from our last game, and we want to add another win to the book,” Maggie said.