The Lady Rangers varsity soccer team outplays Spring Lake for the regional title


Serena Thiede, Sports Reporter

For any varsity team to make it to regionals, it is a great accomplishment no doubt, but to win a regional final without letting your opponent score is a whole other level of talent, and the Lady Rangers varsity soccer team did just that against Spring Lake.

“It was an unreal experience,” senior Mattie Sexton said. “It felt so good to go out there and beat a team that was so hyped up. Our team really came together as one and finished the job. I’m so proud of every girl on the team and what they brought to help yesterday.”

Spring Lake and FHC met up at Cedar Springs on Thursday, June 9, at 6 p.m. to compete for the regional title in both teams most important game of the season. Following a strong 8-1 win in the regional semifinals, the Lady Rangers were hopeful that they would be able to pull off yet another strong win and leave it all out on the field in order to do so.

In the end, FHC won with a 3-0 win over Spring Lake and the Lady Rangers took home the regional title, earning themselves a chance to play another game on their way to the state competition.

“It was very exciting to win regionals and know that we are only two games away from winning states,” Katie Hurbanis said. “We all played amazing last night and showed up and knew what we had to do to take home that regional title.”

The Lady Rangers will now play on Wednesday, June 15, when they will face their most difficult competition yet in the state semifinals.

“I’m beyond excited for the state semifinals and can’t wait to see what else this team is capable of,” Katie said.