The Forest Hills varsity water polo team loses 10-4 against Rockford


As May approaches, the Forest Hills girls water polo team takes on one of its toughest competitors yet: the Rockford Rams. Wanting to come out of the game with the win, the girls put it all on the line for a victory. 

“I think we are really learning how to play to the end even if we are behind and losing,” junior Sydney VanLente said. “We continue to work as a team and play with full effort to try and score.” 

A win for the FH girls would have been huge; the team has been trying for weeks to come out on top against some of the most respected teams in the area. After the first period of gameplay, the girls were ahead of Rockford 1-0. But, it didn’t stay that way for long. Minute by minute, both teams battled it out in the pool, going back and forth for the lead until the last second. In the end, though, the Rams defeated the girls 10-4 after a very tough fight. 

“I think we will do okay. Rockford is a hard team and will be a tough match. It will all depend on the first quarter,” sophomore Ashley Schenck said before the game. “If we shut them down right away, it will be a good fight; otherwise, we will probably lose by a lot.”

The girls’ next game is on Thursday, April 28, when they will compete against East Kentwood for what should be a strong game with a chance for the FH girls to show new, ironed-out skills. 

“Each time we lose, we come away from the game with something new to work on and improve on for the next game,” Sydney VanLente said.