Sydney Bacon


Name: Sydney Bacon

Grade: Junior

Sport: Varsity water polo

How long have you been playing water polo and what got you into it?

“I’ve been playing since seventh grade (5 years). I got talked into going to a pre-season seventh-grade year and have been playing ever since.”

What is your favorite part about being on the team?

“My favorite part about being on the team is getting to meet new people but also watching everyone improve. Since the polo team is combined with all 3 schools, you get to meet girls from the other Forest Hills schools along with girls in completely different districts.”

What music do you listen to before a game or what’s your go-to meal before a meet?

“Typically, if I listen to music before a game, it’s the music someone else is playing through a speaker. I don’t really care what music is playing because we’re all just prepping for the game as a whole so we all hype each other up. I don’t eat before a game because my nerves make me too sick.”

What are three fun facts about you?

“I’ve had a concussion, partially dislocated shoulder, jammed fingers, and a black eye all from playing polo; I’ve met former Olympian Tony Azevedo, and I’m a goalie.”

What is your favorite memory of this season?

“My favorite memory of this season (although we’ve only been in season for 2 weeks) would probably be Jessica (our senior varsity goalie) scoring a goal in a tournament we had at East Grand Rapids. It’s not common for a goalie to score in a game, so getting to watch her do that was super exciting.”