FHC wrestling strikes again and crushes Montague 57-24 under the spotlight


The Ranger wrestlers always show up in style and ready to rumble; last night, they performed in the spotlight and did not disappoint the crowd looking for a show. The varsity team won 57-24 in its impressive dual against Montague.  

Last night, February 4, the boys faced off on Senior Night against one of the team’s toughest opponents in Montague. Every senior not only competed but also won their respective matches, making it a proud night to remember for all. 

“The boys performed great tonight, and the team most importantly was able to win,” head coach Brad Anderson said. “Montague is a tough team with a good program that is well-coached and I am glad they came over for a competitive night tonight.”

The Rangers won with a smooth 57-24 score with only one void across the board, and with the killer amount of pins the boys dominated with, they took care of business fast and professionally. 

“We are also done by 7:45 because there were a lot of pins tonight and I wish all matches could be like that; it would be great if they were wrapped up in 45 minutes with a victory, but it was a really fun night overall,” coach Anderson said. 

Senior Evan Elzinga felt strongly about the night and was extremely proud and happy for his teammates who all did their jobs to get it done. 

“I am feeling really good; all the seniors won tonight and that was the important part,” Evan said. “All the seniors got a chance, and Charlie Radke got to wrestle which was great too. Overall, it was a great match.”

The last win of the night came from Trevor Williams, who brought a decision-based win on his 9-3 point lead over his opponent leading the Rangers to victory at the end of the night. This was a huge win for Trevor, and the excitement he shared could be felt all around. Wins like these give the boys a confidence boost as well as hope for good things in the future. 

“This win makes me feel pretty good about where we are and helps going forward into the end of the season. Hopefully, we will even make it to states,” Trevor said.

 With the end of the season coming up soon for the team, coach Anderson is looking ahead at the big events coming up that will shape the last few meets for the boys. All of their hard work will come into play against their tough conference opponents. 

“We are feeling good. We are heading into the conference, and the conference is ridiculously tough. The OK White is about the toughest conference in the state, so tomorrow we are going to just try to get some wins in and stay healthy for next week,” coach Anderson said. 

Next week, the team will be back in Ranger Country for the district championships against Grand Rapids Christian. Make sure to come out and support the team in hopefully another win under its belt. 

“We are feeling great. I am so happy for our seniors; most of them got to get out there and wrestle, get out on the mat and get the victory,” coach Anderson said.