Maggie Sneider’s increased impact on the girls varsity basketball team this winter is a result of a competitive lifestyle


Sophomore multi-sport athlete Maggie Sneider, like other multi-sport athletes, is great in the classroom. But where she shines the most is on the hardwood and turf, playing lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball.

“I really like having something to do every night of the year,” Maggie said. “It’s a great way for me to let off steam, especially after a school day.”

With a lot of sports, competitiveness naturally comes to Maggie. She says that the competitiveness drives her to be great every day in the classroom and playing her sport. In doing so, she has carved a great high school career out for herself and maybe a future in sports at the collegiate level.

“I am not sure yet about college,” Maggie said. “I am just enjoying the high school experience right now, and I’ll cross that road when I get to it.”

Despite being a three-sport athlete, Maggie’s true sport has always been basketball. Since elementary school, she has been playing the sport and finally made the varsity team her sophomore year. In her first year on the varsity team, Maggie is a starter and a great presence in the paint for the Lady Rangers. Since locking in her starting spot, Maggie has put up career-high stats in both points and rebounds this season.

So far throughout Maggie’s life, she says that her biggest influence has been her brother Sam. Sam is a junior at FHC and is a three-sport athlete himself, playing football, basketball, and lacrosse. Together, the siblings encourage each other every day and make each other more competitive when it comes to sports.

“We have enjoyed encouraging each other throughout the years,” Maggie exclaimed. “Being competitive while we grew up was another big thing; it helped me improve my game and made us both better athletes.”

With much time left in her high school athletics career, Maggie looks forward to being the best player she can be while also being a role model for younger students in the community. As she gets older, she wants to become a leader of the teams she is on and set that standard for who others should be like and what effort her teammates should give on and off the court or field.

“Being a leader and setting the standard for others is a big goal for my future,” Maggie said. “Taking what I’ve learned from the seniors will be a big help with that, continuing to develop the culture they put into the team.”