The Green Bay Packers make a strong case for a Super Bowl run this season


The Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL. Many people would debate this take, but I genuinely believe the evidence supports this claim. From the offseason difficulties to a horrendous weak one performance, the Packers have proved the whole NFL wrong this season. The off-season brought much uncertainty to the Packers organization with franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers held out. Rodgers was not happy with how the team was being run. Eventually, Rodgers had decided to sign a one-year contract to come back for one more season. 

The three-time NFL MVP has a lot to do with the team’s success. Heading into week one of the season, the Packers felt good about the season. After week one, they felt the opposite. The Packers got obliterated by the Saints. New Orleans managed to beat Green Bay 38-3. Not only was this a bad showing for the Pack, but it was also a terrible showing for Aaron Rodgers. Fast-forward to now, Rodgers is an MVP candidate once again, and his team is the number one seed in the NFC heading into the playoffs. After that first game, Rodgers has only thrown two interceptions in the following 16 games, proving to be the best quarterback in the NFL even in his long 17-year career. 

Offensively, led by Rodgers, Green Bay is performing as a top 5 offense. Helping the quarterback is arguably the best receiver in the NFL, Davante Adams. Adams is third in the NFL in receiving yards, even after missing a game. In addition, his elite route running gives him the edge over most of the NFL’s most elite cornerbacks as one of the best receivers in the NFL.

Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon added more skill to the juggernaut of an offense. Aaron Jones is one of the elite dual-threat running backs in the NFL. As an elite pass catcher and an elusive running back, Jones can make a game-changing play at any time. Dillon is the young energy. As an upcoming star in the NFL, Dillon got a large portion of the rushing workload this season as Jones was out for multiple games. Well known as one of the best running back duos in the NFL, the Packer’s offense has no shortage of offensive firepower and is what I believe to be the best offense in the NFL. 

Moving to the defensive side of the ball, the Packers have played a majority of the season without their two defensive staples. Jaire Alexander and Za’darius Smith have been dealing with injuries this season. However, both players will be returning to the field for the playoffs. As top 5 players in their respective positions, they will have immediate impacts once returning. 

As the Packers have a solid offense and a defense that should return to full strength for the playoffs, I believe they are the best team in the NFL and should be favored to win the Super Bowl. The favorite for most people would be the Kansas City Chiefs, though, as they were favored to win preseason as well. The issue I have with the Chiefs is the defense. The secondary of the Chiefs is weak. Although the offense is typically excellent, they have been down the last few weeks. This will most likely not continue, but the defense will have to be able to hold offenses like the Packers to low amounts of points to have a chance. 

As much as I am a Lions fan, the Packers are certainly a team to watch out for a Super Bowl run this season. The offensive weapons and the defensive strength are unmatched on paper. Of course, I would not be happy at a Packers championship, but I would be far from surprised.