Girls JV basketball shows perseverance in a tough loss to Lowell


When the JV girls basketball team faced off against Lowell last Friday, January 7, the girls fought hard but ended up falling 19-48 on a disappointing night.

Surprising nobody, Inara Banks had another outstanding game, leading the team with 11 points. Mia Stibitz also had 4 points and a strong showing. Aside from these great performances, the story of the game was the new players for the team. The girls freshman game got canceled; as a result, 3 varsity girls couldn’t play in their game. This caused some player movement; multiple JV players got pulled up and multiple freshmen played up with the JV team. 

While not the outcome was not what the team might have wanted–given the circumstances and the skill level of the opposition–the conference matchup was a solid performance. There were some prominent performances and showcases of leadership all as positive aspects to focus on. 

“We did a great job adjusting with players we haven’t played with,” head coach Javontae Ford said. “We also learned a new system less than an hour before the game.”

The team was very adaptable in a less-than-ideal situation. As a coach, that is something to be proud of, regardless of the outcome of the game. 

As a game that will be looked back on as a low point of the season, this period will be a building block for the rest of the season. Games like these help develop players and push them to be the best they can be.

“Although it wasn’t the outcome we would’ve liked,” coach Ford stated. “I felt as if the team learned from it.”