Junior Michael Campbell has both eyes on each sport he plays


Whether on the wrestling mats or on the football field, junior Michael Campbell has all eyes on the prize with his strong work ethic and bright personality. He never fails to steal the show and prove his talent and grit. 

As a well-known dual-sport athlete playing football in the fall and wrestling come wintertime, Michael takes his passion for both sports all the way back to kindergarten through his dad’s love for sports; he also uses it to branch out of his comfort zone. 

“I play football and wrestling, I’ve been playing football since kindergarten, and I started wrestling in fifth grade,” Michael said. “I started playing football because my dad was always a huge football fan and wanted me to play. I started wrestling in fifth grade because I thought it would be a lot of fun and would make me tougher.”

His wrestling coach, Brad Anderson, has an endless list of traits Michael brings to the team that set him above and beyond compared to his competitors. Such can also be said about his football career.

“Michael is a hard-working Ranger. He is a leader in our school. He treats others with respect and kindness but he also is not afraid to battle when he’s in the trenches,” coach Anderson said. “He’s a classic Ranger–all about pride, tradition, and excellence.”

Not only is Michael a star in the FHC sports world, but he is also a stand-up guy whose work ethic and motivation translate to his strong and reliable personality. 

“As a person, Michael is an admirable young man. He is engaged in class and works hard to be the best that he can be,” coach Anderson said. 

Being the competitor he is, Michael finds that there is no better feeling than that of victory after a well-deserved win. 

“My favorite part about being on each team is the excitement after a big win; cit makes all the practices and training worth it,” Michael said.

Outside of winning, though, he has a special place in his heart for both of his teams and is grateful for all the things that they have given him.

“My favorite part about these sports is the bond that you make with your team and coaches,” Michael said. 

Michael’s love for his team isn’t just one-sided; his coach and fellow teammate junior Evan Lubben both feel he brings so much to the team with his dedication and his coachability. 

“My favorite thing about having Michael on the squad is that he seeks to excel and works really hard for the team and for his own personal goals,” coach Anderson said. 

One of Michael’s long-time teammates junior Evan Lubben admires Michael’s dedication to his team and sport that has only grown over the years.

“I like how Michael gets the team ready for every single match. Micheal is a captain in and outside the wrestling room,” Evan said. “He works more than anyone else in the weight room when he is trying to lose weight.”

As a junior, the question of continuing his sports in the near future has come up, and Michael plans to be open to opportunities of playing in college. 

“I would definitely like to play these sports in college if I am able to. I think that would be a lot of fun,” Michael said. 

Although it is unclear where he wants to go or which sport he will choose to play, one thing is for sure: Michael’s passion will take him very far in his career.

With all the talent and potential he has, watching Michael grow as a person and athlete after high school will be something to watch out for in the near future. With his grit, there is nothing he cannot do. 

“The coaching staff is really proud of him and he’s a great representative for Ranger Wrestling,” coach Anderson concluded.