Rugby loses to Grandville in a one-sided match in the last game of the regular season


The Rugby Deadheads faced off against the Grandville Bulldogs last night at Forest Hills Central on the lower bowl, with the score favoring the Bulldogs for the entire game.

The Deadheads ended up losing 80-0. Grandville is notorious for always having a top-tier rugby and football team. They have experienced, fast, physical, hard-headed players that have been playing rugby for a long time. To sum it up, the Deadheads were no match for the power of Grandville’s squad.

Sophomores Topher Beckering and Andrew Weiskopf along with junior Cole Feyen gave it their all, with the risk of ending up with a black eye or an injury. Rugby is arguably the hardest-hitting contact sport, especially with no pads.

“We were definitely outmatched as a team, we have a lot of new players and some with zero experience,” head coach Brad Anderson said. “Sometimes it gets frustrating as a team, but throughout the season I can tell that we are getting better and better. Hopefully, we get a good chance in the playoffs next week.”

It is yet to be determined who the Deadheads will face off against in the postseason; however, stay tuned for the latest updates on the time and location for the Rugby playoffs.