Girls JV tennis finishes its season with a 7-3 record and a bundle of building blocks for next year


The girls JV tennis team finished up an amazing season by going 5-1 in its last six games. The girls’ only loss came against a top team in the state, the Forest Hills Northern Huskies. Northern has traditionally been one of the top teams in the state throughout the last few years, and the girls put up an outstanding fight. They lost 9-4 but had a ton of super close matches, losing a few of them by just one point.

“Overall, I’m very pleased with the way things went,” head coach Humzah Azeem said. “We started the season with a variety of abilities, and everyone got better. We even had a few players who were just picking up a racket for their first time ever.”

Coach Azeem was super proud of how the team did this year, not only with their success in games but also how they worked in practice.

“I would really like to play with Lydia again next year, it was one of my favorite things of this year,” freshman Sloane Corey said.

Freshman Lydia Gurley and Sloane were two of the more advanced freshmen on the team, and both of them set goals to come back next year and play on varsity together.

“I think the main reason we were so successful this year was because of how close we were as a team and the connections we made together,” Lydia said.

Coach Azeem said he hopes to have all the girls return next year. He believes that with another year of training, the girls will be able to beat any team they play. Of course, these are super high standards for the girls. However, coach Azeem and almost all the players believe they can come back next year and perform even better. Beating top-tier teams like Forest Hills Northern is a goal they will all strive to work towards over the summer, and as next season rolls around, they hope to hone in on their skills with the racket.

Ending the season 7-3 overall, the girls look to do even better next year, whether on varsity or JV. The upcoming freshman and sophomore class shine a bright light on the future of the JV team and the whole tennis program at FHC.