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Gwen Henderson

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say in this farewell and if I should start from the beginning. Who do I talk about? What memories do I want to share? There are so many things I could say, and so many people I could talk about, so I have decided to keep it on the “short and sweet” side of goodbyes. 

These past four years of my high school life have been amazing. I have the best group of friends, loving parents, a great sister, and the ability to play soccer. I don’t know what I would do without my friends, family, and sport, they have all made me into the person I am today. This past year has been everything but normal, and the people around me are the only thing that has made my senior year worthwhile. When I was a freshman, senior year seemed so far away, and I was so excited for it to be the best year of high school. But, 15 year-old me could have never imagined that this is what my senior year was going to look like. COVID-19 definitely put a wrench into the typical senior year memories and activities, but it certainly was a year no one could forget. I have so many great memories, along with the typical low points, and I have all of the people in my life and FHC to thank for everything I have gone through and learned.  

Now I want to thank the people that I got to spend time with my sixth hour of junior and senior year. I am so glad that Mr. George and Matt convinced me to join Sports Report. I wasn’t too sure at first, but it has now become one of my favorite classes. I want to start off by thanking Mr. George, thank you for being my teacher and friend since sophomore year. You have taught me so much and I appreciate all that you have done for me. TT, Levi, and Owen, thank you for your jokes and providing some energy for the class. TT, I’m also glad that you felt so impacted by me holding the door for you. Tate, Thomas, and Hop, thank you for your hard work and great writing, I know the site will be left in good hands with you guys. Pierson and Mac, thank you for your sarcastic humor and always participating in the class hangman games. Joe, I didn’t know you at all when you joined the class last year. However, now I’m able to call you a good friend. Thank you for joking around with me and always being there for me to talk to. Now onto my fellow seniors. Cam, I have known you since first grade and I am glad we got to finish out the year together. Mason, thank you for your friendship and being there to talk about soccer. Zoe, thank you for your constant energy and laughter, I am so glad to have known you for this long. Sydney, thank you for your bold humor, I am glad that I was able to come closer to you this year. Jacob, you are one of my closest friends, thank you for your friendship and always being there for me. Thanks for your work as an editor and for at least trying to keep the class in check. Matt, you deserve such a big thanks for what you have done for the site and the class, your hard work and dedication is admirable. I have become a lot closer with you over the past two years and I am thankful for that, you are a great friend and also push me to be a better person.     

So thank you. Thank you to sports report, thank you to my teachers, thank you to my friends, thank you to my family, thank you FHC. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the last four years anywhere else or with anyone else. Yes, it is sad to be leaving in a few short months, but it is also extremely exciting to be starting a new chapter of my life. Bye, FHC, thanks for everything! 

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