Cam David and Joe Murdock pick up the pieces for a struggling boys varsity golf team at an OK White Jamboree

Cam David and Joe Murdock pick up the pieces for a struggling boys varsity golf team at an OK White Jamboree

Almost three days after his last official day of high school, senior Cam David has more time to focus on his short game.

“It’s been nice just to be able to focus on golf,” Cam said. “I was able to knock in important putts and hit consistent, good shots throughout the road.”

Building on his 44 on Tuesday in the OK White Jamboree at Watermark, Cam shot a 43 on nine holes, paving the way for an 11th place finish at Egypt Valley’s most recent OK White Jamboree hosted by Forest Hills Northern. Ahead of Cam on the leaderboard, junior Joe Murdock found his seat at the exclusive top-five table once again with a 41 and fifth-place finish. However, the highlight of the day came while Joe was walking between holes.

He was “this” close“this” close to one of the most revered achievements in golf. 

Once Joe’s almost perfect shot from about 300 yards out hit the pin and lipped out of a hole-in-one, a rush of both excitement and disappointment hit him. That mixture of emotions became even more confusing when junior Jack Zubkus from Northern, Joe’s longtime friend, launched a ball right into the cup from the tee box right after Joe’s group finished the same hole.

“There’s obviously still a competitive aspect of golf, but it was also cool to see someone ironically hit a hole-in-one right after I almost got one,” Joe said.

Unlike last week’s mellow schedule, this week’s schedule has been hectic for the boys. They have either been at the golf course or school; therefore, as the week dies down, there isn’t much gas left in the tank. On top of the heavy workload, FHC has had to deal with discouraging results on the team leaderboard for local OK White Jamborees. From here on out, the competition will keep on getting more formidable. Head coach Paul TenEyck envisions tournaments like the upcoming Meadows Golf Course at GVSU on Thursday, May 6, as stepping stones for future success.

“We have to realize that we need to learn from every round,” coach TenEyck said. “The beautiful thing about golf is that tomorrow is a new day; we have a tournament tomorrow to look forward to.”