Girls varsity soccer finds its offensive capabilities with a 5-0 win over Northview


Girls varsity soccer recorded yet another win the other day with ita smashing 5-0 victory against the Wildcats of Northview. This game was the Rangers’ seventh shutout of the season, but only their second game over three goals.

Senior Whitney Currie had yet another impressive game, with 2 goals and 2 assists in the win. Along with her was senior Chloe Bergsma, who had one goal on the night and was a presence on both ends of the ball, Outside of the senior grade, the girls found success in junior Claudia Folkert and sophomore Dailey Tucker. These two have been huge thus far in the season, and will be even bigger in the next few matchups.

On the defensive side of the field, junior goalie Ava Wilberding and senior Rachel Lynch had some outstanding saves which led to the shut out. These two have been the tandem that has kept the Rangers chugging, as they pick up their eighth win on the season.

This win brings FHC to 8-0, with their next game on the road against the FHN Huskies on Wednesday, May 5.

“I’m really excited for what the rest of the season holds,” head coach Ashley Ludtke said. “This team has a lot of potential and loves just playing the game of soccer as a group.”