Girls JV water polo beats Grandville twice in one week


After beating Grandville 8-2 at their tournament last Friday, the girls were ready to beat them again on Tuesday night. Although the girls scored two fewer goals than the previous game, they still beat the Bulldogs 6-2 and upheld their five-game winning streak. 

“Elliott Mcalpine and Anna Wiechertjes definitely had the best game,” said FHC sophomore Sydney Bacon. “Elliott was open for a pass almost all the time and scored most of our points, and Anna won all the sprints.”

Northern freshmen Elliott McAlpine and Anna Wiechertjes have proved to be quite a duo this season. Elliott scored the most goals with three and recorded two assists as well. Anna had a goal herself; the other two goals came from FHN freshman Ashley Schenck and Northern sophomore Brooke Bernier, who made a five-meter shot. 

The team’s goalie, Sydney Bacon, also had a great game. Sydney was able to block most of Grandville’s shots, only letting two in the net. 

Sydney is also proud of her team and what they have accomplished so far this season.

“I think we are doing amazing. This year’s JV team is made up of mostly freshmen that haven’t played before, but they have all put in the work at preseason and in practice and it definitely shows,” Bacon said. “Every game we get stronger not only as players, but as a team and I’m excited to see what the rest of the season brings for us.” 

The girls will play Zeeland next, away on Thursday. Hoping to keep up their winning streak, the girls are determined to beat the Chix.