Sophomore Mackenzie Wintrich leads the girls JV soccer team to a 5-1 victory over Lowell


Sophomore Mackenzie Wintrich led the Rangers to another strong victory, as her excellent foot skills and movement off the ball gave the girls the leadership they needed to beat the Lowell Red Arrows 5-1. The Rangers have yet to let up on their consistent goal-scoring, beating all of their opponents by hefty margins. 

The five goals each came from a different player, proving this team’s depth and ability to thrive off of teamwork. Sophomores Audrey Kind and Mackenzie and freshmen Madi Evans, Bryn Pennington, and Skyler Tierney all scored a goal against Lowell. 

“Bryn had a perfect shot from outside of the box, and I think she deserved it because she worked very hard the whole game,” Audrey said. 

During this game, the defensive line held up their end of the field, working hard to ensure that there would be very few offensive penetrations by the Red Arrows. The midfield also stood out in this game, holding the team together by passing the ball well and making runs for their forwards. 

“[Sophomores] Gracie Vermeulen, Katelyn Breaugh, and Thea Sloat stood out to me as well because they were very physical and did not let the other team get around them,” Audrey said. “They were aggressive and would win any ball that came their way. They are a strong backline that we can depend on.” 

The next game for the girls is against the Grand Rapid Christian Eagles. They will face their opponent on Wednesday, April 21st at 5:00 PM at FHC.