An 18-yard bomb from Zenash Cumings cements a 2-0 victory for girls JV soccer over Grand Haven


When freshman Zenash Cumings booted the ball into the back of the net from the outside of the 18-yard box against Grand Haven, the girls JV soccer team knew it was one of those games where all of the pieces seem to fall into place. 

“The ball was crossed to me by my teammate, and I kicked around the defender and hit it in the top, center of the goal,” Zenash said when asked to describe her high-level goal. “Goals like that are hard to come by, so I felt great about it afterward.”

Thanks to Zenash’s rocket-of-a-shot, the girls ended their week on a high note by defeating Grand Haven 2-0 on Friday, April 16th. Without FHC’s dominating command over the possession arrow, though, Zenash’s crucial goal might not have been possible. 

“We had possession of the ball 95 percent of the game,” sophomore leader Frankie Sutton said. “All in all, everyone played very well against a solid Grand Haven team.”

In addition to Zenash’s contributions on the offensive side of the field, Frankie Sutton believed that her sophomore counterpart, Audrey Kind, provided the perfect dose of unselfish plays to seal the deal for the Rangers.

“I think [sophomore] Audrey Kind stood out to me the most because she got open to receive the ball and put in some really good crosses for chances to score,” said Frankie.

Heading into the long stretch of the season, the girls expect to hit their stride in the coming weeks by continuing to play the brand of unselfish soccer the whole FHC girls soccer program has been built on. Their next opportunity to hit the pitch is on Monday, April 19th, against the Red Arrows from Lowell.

“Good passes and unselfish plays will really help our team with scoring goals and defending our own goal,” Zenash said. “We already are doing a great job of helping each other out and moving the ball.”