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The top five hardest positions in the NFL


Many people who enjoy watching the NFL tend to ask what is the most difficult position in the NFL. While the question seems to have the obvious answer, quarterback, that just might not be true. There are lots of other positions that are not only more mentally but also physically taxing.

First: Cornerback

When it comes to being a cornerback, this position easily requires the most demanding skill sets. You have to guard a receiver who can run a 4.3 while running backward just so you don’t lose them if they run a different route, allowing a six-yard or even more gain. You need to be quick and have an amazing-almost perfect awareness of what is going on in the field. You also need to be strong. If you don’t have an incredibly athletic body, be prepared to get burnt by a receiver and mossed as well.

Second: Quarterback

Now, while the position isn’t the hardest to play, being the quarterback is insanely hard for the NFL since it’s much harder to read a defense in the NFL than it is to read one at the high school or collegiate level. This is due to the NFL being much more skillful. A quarterback also needs to have incredible reaction timing since they need to spot an open receiver quickly while also being able to see if a blitz is coming. Not to mention, the accuracy and the strength you need to have in your throwing are massive too.

Third: Offensive Tackle

The offensive tackle is one of the hardest positions on the football field. This is the most important pass-blocking position on the offense. While also having to be incredible at pass-blocking, this position needs to have amazing awareness to look out for blitzes from anywhere; whether a cornerback or safety is blitzing, the offensive tackle needs to have their eyes open. When running a zone play, the tackle needs to be incredibly fast to block for the ball carrier. You must also be a great run blocker, so you’re not useless in the run game.

Fourth: Tight End

Being a tight end requires a lot of skill in both the offensive line and offensive receiver aspect. If you’re not a good receiver, you’re only good as a blocking tight end. But that isn’t even true if you can’t block that well. You require both strength and good footwork if you want to be a significant tight end. 

Fifth: Center

While the center may not have to pull or be the leading blocker on a stretch play, the center has a very important job of getting the ball to the quarterback and blocking immediately after. Depending on the offensive guard’s speed, the center has to work even harder. Also, they have to fight what is probably the strongest position on the field since defensive nose guards have to break double teams and pass protection.

I want to make this clear: none of the positions in the NFL are easy to play whatsoever. The sport is incredibly difficult, and every position is required to have their own skill set. Just because cornerback is the hardest doesn’t make any other position seem like nothing or useless. For example, the fullback is considered easy by a lot of fans since the position requires a lot more blocking, but it doesn’t make the position workload any less difficult—you also need to have the skills of a running back if you ever get the ball.

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Sam Bauchan, Staff
Sam is a student at Forest Hills Central; he is going into his Sophomore year in high school. He only plays one sport, that being JV football. He plays Center on the Offensive Line. Some things Sam would like you to know about him is that his favorite NFL player is Jamaal Williams, and he also loves Kenneth Walker III.  His favorite food is some fried chicken from Wingstop. But to be fair, if you got him anything from Wingstop, he would be super happy. He is a big fan of the Detroit Lions. Favorite movie: He loves Happy Gilmore Something he loves: Stouffer's Family Size Meatloaf Something he hates: He hates watching movies. His favorite gym lift: Power Clean  

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