Abby McAlindon’s family pushes her to dominant high school skiing career


Skiing has been a beloved part of senior Abby McAlindon’s life for a very long time, and ever since her seventh-grade year, she has been competing to be the best of the best. Her family has been involved in skiing ever since she was little, and Abby was motivated by her parents and sister to start partaking in races and competitions. Abby and her family take various trips to different ski slopes such as Boyne Mountain and venues in Colorado all throughout the year. 

“I learned how to ski when I was in the second grade. I went to Bittersweet with my dad and sister. Ever since that trip, it has become something that my family grew to love, and after that, we went on ski trips quite frequently,” Abby said. “It wasn’t until around 7th grade when I finally got into ski racing and started training in gates.”  

Abby is a part of the Boyne Racing team as well as the FHC varsity ski team. All four years as a Ranger, she has been the top member of the girls team, qualifying for States every year. This year, Abby was the only racer to represent FHC at States. She finished sixth in the giant slalom with a time of 60.20, and she finished fourth in the slalom with a time of 91.59.   

“I felt really blessed in knowing that I qualified for states all four years. I was just really happy to be there and at states, it’s all or nothing, so just being able to ski to the best of my ability as my final send-off was awesome,” Abby said. “I’m so incredibly glad it was able to happen with everything that has been taken away because of COVID.”

Abby has worked very hard to be where she is, training for many hours and even missing many days of school in order to compete and practice. Competitive ski takes a lot of time and dedication, but Abby is all in for the sport she loves. She is able to balance her school work and her ski time well, preparing herself for the next steps in her life. 

“My biggest motivator has and always will be my sister, Courtney. Even though she hasn’t been skiing as much recently, she is one of the hardest working girls I know, and she consistently pushes me to work to the best of my ability,” said Abby when asked about what has led to her success in the sport. “My biggest supporters are my parents, no doubt. They have jumped through copious hoops in order to make sure I have the sharpest skis, all my equipment, and they are always first to be sure that the team is fed and ready to go. No matter the result, they are there for me with a smile and a hug at the bottom of the race hill, and that’s all I could ever ask for.” 

After high school, Abby is unsure where she wants to attend college, but she plans on skiing for a school out west. She will continue competing and will finish school this next few months with good grades, setting her up for many college choices in the coming months. Her skills and dedication serve as a great example for the many younger skiers to look up to.  

“Some advice I would give to younger skiers is definitely just to always ski fast and have fun because as long as you’re doing that, skiing will be so much more enjoyable and training will be something you’re excited to go to,” Abby stated.