What the NBA All-Star game really needs


Every year since 1951, the NBA has hosted an annual All-Star Game. As the years have gone on, the game has transitioned from just a single game to an entire weekend of competitions and festivities. From the 3-point contest to the celebrity game, the All-Star weekend is supposed to be one of the most fun weekends of the year. With this being said, it is time for another change because it has not been all that great in the past few years.

This year’s All-Star weekend highlighted why something needs to change. Let’s take a look at the dunk contest. The dunk contest is supposed to be the most interesting part of the weekend, with high-flying dunks and incredible reactions. This year, it was the exact opposite. All of the credit in the world to the winner Mac McClung, but this dunk contest was simply not good. Fans had no reaction to any of the dunks, and it seemed as if it was just four players goofing around after practice.

Next, the NBA All-Star Game itself is just not the same as it used to be. Nobody tries anymore, and players are just getting out of the way so that other players can show off their skills. Nobody cares if they win or lose, and although somewhat entertaining, it could be so much more competitive. Back in the day, this would be a competitive game where players would guard hard and defend, and it would truly showcase why each player was selected.

The NBA All-Star weekend is headed on a downward slope, but there is something that can save it. Fans pay immaculate prices in order to get seats, and this weekend only comes around once a year. Fans deserve a great weekend of basketball. In order to start to make the All-Star weekend better, the NBA needs to add a 1-on-1 contest.

Every time anyone in basketball ever wants to prove that they are better than someone, that player challenges the other to a 1-on-1. These types of basketball games are one of the most entertaining contests to watch. The dunk contest has fallen off, and nobody is looking forward to it anymore. All over the Internet and social media, fans, celebrities, and ordinary people are asking for a 1-on-1 tournament. All-Star weekend views are plummeting, and in order to save them, the NBA needs to give the people what they want.

This type of tournament would save the NBA All-Star game. It would have to be short, with games played to about five. This would hold the players accountable and make them try as hard as possible. On top of this, it would get the crowd engaged because everyone would want to watch it. TV views would rise, ticket sales would rise, and the overall morale of everyone in the building would rise.

Adding a 1-on-1 tournament to the NBA All-Star game is a win for the players, fans, and everyone in the basketball community. It needs to be implemented as soon as possible.