Varsity field hockey escapes Plymouth-Canton 1-0


Pierson VanGorp, Sports Reporter

After a long-lasting break from game action, the girls varsity field hockey team faced off against the Plymouth-Canton Wildcats. The Wildcats are located on the east side of the state, near Ann Arbor, therefore a long trip for Forest Hills. The girls ended up narrowly defeating the Wildcats 1-0. Some key players were FHE freshman Mia Dye, FHC junior Sophie Hartl, and FHC sophomore Shannon Murphy.

The girls varsity team started off facing adversity early, as it was the first game playing on a grass field. A turf field is finer than a normal grass field because there is more traction on a turf field, and athletes are naturally more explosive. Given the fact that the field was made up of grass, the girls started off slow and did not score in the first half. As the game progressed, the girls got used to the field and became comfortable. Their transition game looked better and as a result, Mia scored the one and only goal. The girls played an exceptional game defensively which led to the win.

The girls are now 2-2 overall with a 0-2 conference record. They play at Ann Arbor Huron this Saturday at 10:30 AM. A win on Saturday would get them over a .500 record and be a confidence booster for the rest of the year.