The girls JV soccer team ends off the season strong with a 14-2 record


Fighting to the end, the girls JV soccer team kept up a strong record of 14-2, ending off the season successfully.

During the first OK White conference games, the girls faced off against the Greenville Yellow Jackets, where freshman Gretta Kriekard scored a hat trick, leading the girls to a victory of 4-0. Coach John Blodgett is beyond proud of all the girls and their wins against the tough players they continue to face off against.

“I’m very proud of the team and what they have accomplished this season. We’ve played several really good teams. Because we only have 14 players on our team, our players have played a lot of minutes this season,” coach Blodgett said. “I’ve been really impressed with the way these players have been able to battle through injuries and tiredness and still win games.”

Continuing their win streak, the girls crushed their competition at FHCs home field. They used all they have been working on to outperform the Grand Rapids Christian Eagles. Sophomore Madi Evans is proud of what she has done as a player and a teammate this season.

“Even though we have only played together for a little while, it already feels like we are a family and everyone is just so much fun to be around,” Madi said. “Obviously, just playing the sport we all love and it’s just really been fun so far.”

The last game of the season was against Byron Center and the girls continued to keep up their record with a total of two losses the entire season and a final score of 2-0. Each teammate has grown as individual players as they are becoming the group they strived to be from the beginning of the season.

“The team has made a lot of progress playing together as a team, including improvements in communication. A lot of the players are very skilled individually, but as the season has progressed they have come together and played very well as a team,” coach Blodgett said.

Ending off their season with a win, the girls competed against the Byron Center Bulldogs. With a final score of 2-1, the girls end off their season with a 14-2 record. The girls worked hard and continued to improve game after the game, making their season a memorable one.