The Forest Hills water polo team falls 3-9 to East Kentwood

May is around the corner, and that means spring sports don’t have much time left to make their mark. Fortunately for the Forest Hills varsity water polo team, it has games coming up to keep its morale high and its focus on the pool. 

On Thursday, April 28, the girls took on East Kentwood at East Kentwood High School in a competitive game of back-and-forth scoring. The team was ready to meet its match and add a win to its win column, but despite all of the girls’ efforts, the team fell short to East Kentwood 9-3. 

The girls might not have won, but their spirits are far from crushed. They look toward the positives, like their skills improving and the team growing as a whole. 

“We have really been working on crashing into the net, which we have been doing much better these past few games,” sophomore Ashley Schenck said. 

What Ashley says stays true as well; when looking at the team’s scores through the last few weeks, it’s evident that the girls have been scoring no matter their opponent and have consistently been putting points up on the board and putting up a fight. This might not mean much to most people, but for the team, it is a very big accomplishment that shows. Even when they have been faced with challenges, the girls still work through it all. 

The girls play Forests Hills Northern in their next game on Friday, April 29, for a District 2 seeding tournament.

“I think we have continued to make improvements, and it is starting to show,” junior Sydney VanLente said.